Product with instruction manual:


Some products normally have a fair amount of paper(and some plastic) for user manuals, help guides and other product documentation inside the box. After the product is shipped these become a stale source of information and:

  • they have duplicated information in different languages since they normally have to account for all the markets the product is in;
  • the information can’t be indexed and searched;
  • there’s no easy way for the user to leave feedback;

All the problems mentioned could be solved by having a web-based platform where you can manage and maintain your documentation and generate QR codes that would then go into the product box. Paper/plastic footprint would be kept at a minimum, or, even better, the QR code could even be printed directly on the box used for the product.

How would it work?

  • An internal dashboard where the user can manage projects, documents, translations and everything else;

Creating a project

Project page

  • PDF documents can be upload or the user can use integrations for his favorite writing tool like Notion, etc;

  • Each project gets its QR code that’ll link to a public page with all the projects and their documents;

QR code generated for the project

Printing the QR code

  • End users visiting the public page have access to content according to their language, can leave feedback, search the information, etc;

Public documentation page

  • Instead of having paperback manuals in the product box, we can replace it with a QR code linking to an online version that’s always up-to-date;