Lite Queen product printscreen

Lite Queen takes some inspiration from PhpLiteAdmin and tries to be a simple, practical and functional web UI to manage sqlite databases. The application is self-contained and it’s a single executable–put it in your server or local machine, run it and open the app on your browser.

Some notable features

  • Simple installation, it’s just an executable
  • Visualize your database relationships with a graph-based UI
  • OpenAI integration so you can talk with your database
  • Query results and record’s foreign-key data are returned in json
  • Command window to quickly navigate to any database or tables loaded in the app
  • Lightweight and fast

Future features

  • Manage backups with builtin support for Litestream

  • Smart auto-complete and completion for SQL query mode

  • Better integration with AI tools to make talking with your database smoother and more useful

  • Builtin support for extension installation & management

  • Mobile screens support

and much more..

You can follow the progress on the website or on this 𝕏 thread: