About me

I enjoy making and seeing how things work.

Fan of open-source and the modern browser.

Interested in:

  • – Automation
  • – Minimalist systems and UXs
  • – Data insights

Curious about:

  • – Distributed and decentralized systems
  • – Brain-computer-interfaces
  • – ♾️

Some books I’ve loved.

Lite Queen - A minimalist Web Editor for Sqlite Databases

March 30, 2024

Changing Remarkable sleep screen

July 5, 2023

Notes on Apple Vision

June 9, 2023

Concept: Using Stable Diffusion to Render Interior Design for Walls

January 23, 2023

Concept: a compiler for Advanced Google Search Queries Powered by GPT-3

October 7, 2022

Topics: concept

Notes on Migrating From Nginx to Caddy

October 5, 2022

Quickest ways to run a local web server

September 16, 2022

Notes on stable diffusion

September 5, 2022

Topics: machine-learning

Network traffic decryption on Mac with Wireshark

September 2, 2022

Fast-text search in SQLite with fts5

June 5, 2022

Topics: sqlite

Generating calendar events with iCalendar on Remix

May 17, 2022

Topics: typescript, remix

Compiling the latest sqlite3 on a Linux Ubuntu server

March 11, 2022

Topics: sqlite, linux-ubuntu, python, php

Small python script to build a chrome extension package for store deployment

March 9, 2022

Topics: python

Time-series data in Postgres with TimescaleDB

February 27, 2022

Topics: postgres

Get the info displayed upon connecting to a linux ubuntu box via ssh on demand

January 25, 2022

Topics: linux-ubuntu

Making php 8 use the latest version of sqlite3 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

December 30, 2021

Topics: linux-ubuntu, sqlite, php

Concept for reducing paper waste in product documentation and help guides with QR codes

December 23, 2021

Topics: concept

Simple way to update a sqlite database table from a csv file using pandas

July 18, 2021

Topics: python, sqlite

A simple way to have a synced Set in localStorage

May 22, 2021

Topics: javascript

Simpler way to generate HTTPS self-signed certificates for local development

April 23, 2021

Topics: nginx

Make gitignore include an ignored file or folder

April 11, 2021

Topics: git

Sending client-side JS errors to the server for error reporting

April 11, 2021

Topics: javascript

Simpler http request/response logging for Golang with httputil

March 16, 2021

Topics: golang

How to make Nginx access logs more readable with json

February 18, 2021

Topics: nginx

Using Mypy with SublimeText 3

March 11, 2018

Topics: python, sublime-text-3